The main activities of Turkish Alzheimer Association can be categorized under the titles below:

Training Activities

Organizing meetings/seminars/panels for the purpose of raising awareness about the fact that ‘forgetfulness is not a natural consequence of aging’ and collaborating with universities and local administrations for this purpose:
Scheduled every 2. Wednesday of each month at the headquarters of Turkish Alzheimer Association and every 2. Tuesday on the Anatolian side Volunteers’ Office and announced in a yearly programme, Turkish Alzheimer Association organizes public seminars where expert physicians enlighten the participants, about the disease and the caretaking of the patients. Some of the topics are as listed below:

  • Medical and physical problems of Alzheimer patients;
  • Legal perspective and new legislations related to Alzheimer disease;
  • Home security of Alzheimer patients;
  • How to cope with behavioral difficulties of Alzheimer patients;
  • Problems of Alzheimer patient carers and solution suggestions;
  • Communication with Alzheimer patients and hints to facilitate daily life;
  • Home care of crippled Alzheimer patients, problems and solutions.

Organizing support meetings scheduled every 4. Wednesday of each month at the headquarters of Turkish Alzheimer Association and every 4. Tuesday on the Anatolian side Volunteers’ Office and announced in a yearly programme, where expert psychologists lead “Chat and Solidarity” meetings with patient carers to relieve them and lighten the burden on their shoulders and prevent their burnout.

Providing 3-month-certificate-trainings for “Patient and Elderly Care” professionals.

Organizing meetings in cooperation with Disabled and Senior Services General Directorate, informing the public about “Social and Legal Rights” of Alzheimer patients.

Training professionals from different occupation groups, such as training police officers and taxi drivers about preliminary approach to lost Alzheimer patients.

Support to Institutional Education:
University students, studying “Public Responsibility” courses are given the chance to do their internship duties at the Day Care Center of Turkish Alzheimer Association.

National Alzheimer Conference:
Annually, Turkish Alzheimer Association organizes a national scientific conference, where dementia and Alzheimer disease are examined and studied in every aspect and the latest advancements are reviewed. Within the scope of the conference nursing/care personnel and patient relatives are trained on “home care”. Our 5th conference is organized in March, 2015 in Antalya.

Home Visits:
Turkish Alzheimer Association provides home visits to Alzheimer patients who apply and request it. The visits by experienced nurses or trained medical attendants or social service experts or volunteers have the objective of both socializing the patient and also training the carer. Average visits sum up to 250-300 patients annually and they are free of charge.

Home Care Service:
Our Association, dispatches professional carers to crippled Alzheimer patients, both to improve the environmental circumstances and hygiene of the patient and also to train the patient’s relatives or carers. Through this service, where the nurse spends two hours teaching the carers how to treat the bedsores, help physical exercises of the patient, etc. is given 4 times to each patient and all visits are free of charge. The annual average for the home care patient number is raised up to 500 recently and more fundraising activities are organized to elevate the figure.

Alzheimer Bulletin:
Biannually a bulletin of approximately 28 pages is published in 2000 copies and distributed to patients and their relatives, medical doctors and institutions, etc. with the aim of sharing the news about the Association’s activities, new developments in the research and treatment of Alzheimer disease and creating a platform where people with similar problems and worries can bond.

Free Hot Line
A hot line has been run for 5 years to answer all kinds of questions of the public, free of charge.

Competition Organization:
To draw attention to Alzheimer disease and our Association’s activities and services, competitions in various fields have been organized, such as:

  • Short Essay Competition
  • Tasting Festival/Menu Competition
  • Golf Competition
  • Photography/Graphic design Competition
  • Chess Tournament

Social Responsibility Project:
In cooperation with the Bureau of Missing Persons and also the Bureau of Crime Scene Investigation of the Istanbul Police Department, Turkish Alzheimer Association, has held a “Volunteer Fingerprint Campaign” and the patients who are members of the Association got their fingerprints registered, to be used in case when they are lost.
Additionally, the Police Department has been persuaded to withdraw the rule that says, “Lost persons are pursued only after 48 hours they are reported lost.” for Alzheimer patients, instead to start searching immediately.

Day Care Center:
The first and only Day Care Center for Alzheimer patients in Turkey has been established by the hard work and persisting demands of Turkish Alzheimer Association. Şişli municipality assembly agreed to assign a building for the purpose, in central city. Our Association got the building renovated, furnished and adjusted to be a day care center with donations from charitable donors. Since May 2011, the Day Care Center is hosting 30 patients -15 a day- from 09:00 to 17:00 with transportation, meals, snacks and many activities -both for the amusement and rehabilitation of the patients- provided and all these services are offered free of charge.